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by Wilhelm Fürtwangler
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Matthëus Passion, included in Wilhelm Furtwangler Classic Music shows, to download. Bach,Mozart,Beethoven,Brahms,Tchaickovski,Verdi... You can download this site web on Archive here with Torrent . Suite is here .
Topics: Wilhelm Furtwangler Classic Music shows, Furtwangler, Passion, Saint, Matthieu
by David W. Niven
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650 tapes · 1,000 hours · 1,378 WAV files · 637 GB · 691 JPEG scans of cassette liner cards & literature. Meticulously Collected, Compiled, and Narrated by David W. Niven, 1930-1993. Generously Donated by David W. Niven to the Foxborough High School Jazz Program, Stephen C. Massey, Director, 2010. Archived to CD-Quality Digital Audio by Kevin J. Powers, 2010-2011. An Early Jazz Recording Collection by David W. Niven My 20-year-old cousin introduced me to jazz when I was 10. It was a...